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MLA 8 Works Cited Examples MLA has updated its rules for creating works-cited lists to reflect the recent changes in how works are published and consulted in the age of digital publication. Below, we have listed examples in the new MLA style for some of the most common formats. MLA Style - Citing Sources - Research Guides at University of ... Citation Using a Signal Phrase In his discussion of Monty Python Routines, Crystal notes that the group relished "breaking the normal rules" of language (107). 2. Parenthetical Citation A noted linguistic explains that Monty Python humor often relied on "bizarre linguistic interactions" (Crystal 108). 3. Multiple Authors How do I cite the "Diary of Anne Frank" ? | Yahoo Answers I don't think the person means "how do I cite anything?", otherwise they would have asked that. They mean how do they cite the original Anne Frank diary when the only real copies tend to have been the ones published in 1993, way after the original MLA Citation Style & Formatting 8th Edition: Electronic or ...

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How to cite a play in MLA | Eighth Edition Handbook When citing a play, the MLA parenthetical citation should include the author name, act, scene and line number(s) (if available). When quoting, you must include the character names, in all capitals, and pay attention to indentation. How do I cite the script and performance of a play? | The MLA ... For in-text references, cite the script by the author's last name and cite the performance by the performance name, in accordance with the works-cited-list entries. This principle applies to other types of works that appear in written form and also are performed, like screenplays and films as well as musical compositions and performances.

The Works Cited is just a bibliography: you list all the sources you used to write the paper.

For the Works Cited format for a play, see All's Well. For materials inside a Shakespeare edition, see Barton. For books as secondary sources, see Bloom, Carey, French, Goddard, or Macrone. How to cite Folger Digital Texts How to cite Folger Digital Texts. Folger Digital Texts is your source for high-quality texts of Shakespeare's plays, sonnets, and poems, whether you are a reader, student, teacher, performer, or digital developer. No Fear Shakespeare: Othello: How to Cite - If you have any questions regarding how to use or include references to SparkNotes in your work, please tell us. Table of Contents Characters Act 1, Scene 1 Act 1, Scene 2 Act 1, Scene 3 Act 2, Scene 1 Act 2, Scene 2 Act 2, Scene 3 Act 3, Scene 1 Act 3, Scene 2 Act 3, Scene 3 Act 3, Scene 4 Act 4, Scene 1 Act 4, Scene 2 Act 4, Scene 3 Act 5, Scene 1 Act 5, Scene 2 How to Cite

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PDF MLA Works Cited Using MS Word - Script MLA Works Cited Using MS Word - Script Gary Enns Cerro Coso Community College 7/26/2012 - 1 of 4 Hello again. This is Gary Enns, English Professor at Cerro Coso Community College, and in this presentation I will help you to format a Works Cited page for an MLA Style paper. Poetry - MLA Citation Guide (8th Edition) - LibGuides at ... Note: For your Works Cited list, all citations should be double spaced and have a hanging indent.. A "hanging indent" means that each subsequent line after the first line of your citation should be indented by 0.5 inches. APA Citation Guide: How to Cite a Website in APA -

Bottom Line: When citing yourself, in whichever style you are utilizing, cite in-text citations to identify yourself as the author. On your Works Cited Page (MLA) or Reference List (APA), identify yourself as the author using the format for an unpublished paper (or published, if you have published it!)

Hamlet is a play and to cite is (Act. Scene.Line). For example, let's say you are citing a line in Scene 3 of Act 2. The line is numbered 37 (the numbers are usually stated on the right side of the page in usually intervals of 5). How to Cite Poetry, Song Lyrics, & Plays in MLA Style - YouTube How to Cite Poetry, Song Lyrics, & Plays in MLA Style ... MLA Style Works Cited List: Citing Journal Articles ... a suggested video will automatically play next. How do you cite a source that you found in another source? Give the secondary source in the reference list; in text, name the original work and give a citation for the secondary source. For example, if Allport's work is cited in Nicholson and you did not read Allport's work, list the Nicholson reference in the reference list. In the text, use the following citation:

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